2021-03-04 11:20:09

Privacy Policy of Using Semhut Mobile Application

Semhut is a community-based social application, not intended for any purpose other than merely wanting to facilitate the community to interact with fellow members. As a user, you are required to accept the following policies:..

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2020-11-11 09:26:12

Decision to Continue S2 Study


Decision to Continue S2 Study

College is the dream of every human being who has a vision to improve the quality of life in the future. Such a vision of course is relatively dependent on the conditions before deciding to continue studying. For some people who are comfortable with their current life, for example, they are busy working in a company with adequate income, or have received adequate "ammunition" from their parents' inheritance so that even without school their life does not require extra struggle, then continue their studies. not a basic need.

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2020-07-04 09:39:59

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary my Husband

Jalan panjang ini telah melewati angka 25,
Selebar tapak kadang selega badan,
Lurus berkelok tak henti asa,
Datar menurun tajam landai terkadang curam,
Tak semudah membalik seringan tangan,
Dilandasi hati segalanya mudah....

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