Remembering Mr. Willam Tan Keng Seng 1997

abharto, 2019-05-19 09:43:17

Hello Mr. William, what's up? Suddenly I remembered you while watching television in the living room with my wife and two daughters. Currently the television program on Trans7 is at the end of the Le-Mans MotoGP French show. The Le-Mans atmosphere reminds me of the atmosphere of living abroad and my mind immediately leads to a name, William Tan Keng Seng, a wise person who has meaning in the history of my scientific development in the computer field..

My hand immediately grabbed a cellphone that had not been touched since, but only to fill the time reading the literature and the development of the world's startups. The equivalent of the phrase "Willam Tan Keng Seng" typed on an internet browser on Google ends in many links and when moved to the tab "Images" it turns out your face appears on a page in Straitstimes. A wise smile and your face is still strong in my mind, strengthened more by your wise sentence:


"I have always felt bad and sorry for giving up my citizenship... Mr Lee has done so much for this country and my family benefited. I am glad I extended my stay here to see him off."

- Mr William Tan Keng Seng, 67, who was supposed to head home to Melbourne but extended his stay for the funeral. He gave up his citizenship in 1990

Yes, in 1996-1997 I was introduced by the management of PT Jaya Sumpiles Indonesia to you as a system analyst responsible for the development of the warehouse inventory system. The time when computer technology was still limited to: coaxial cable based networks, DOS / Windows pre-98 operating systems, Dbase III programming with Clipper Compiler. A knowledge that is very proud to be felt by all those who at that time could be fortunate to experience it.

At that time for me to know you more than as a work colleague, but you are an encouragement, teacher, friend, friend, parent, wise director. The direction to continue to explore computer science remains firmly up to now. Furthermore, your visit to our home in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan to meet with my family convinced me that you are a great person who has very complete abilities, both in terms of skills in the field of technology and soft skills in the area of ??human relations.

The "dBASE IV Developer's Reference Guide" book that you provided is still stored neatly in the library as part of the momentum of my journey to study computer science. A moment where for me, who studies computer science from stretch, is the basis for stepping into a wider section. I remember jokingly asking, do you have another book that is more challenging? Yes, but all I keep in Hong Kong, you answer.

Mr. William, I hope you can find my writing, so we hope that you and your family will always be healthy, wherever you are. May Allah SWT. always protect you, we as part of people who are given good fortune to receive wise advice from you, there is nothing else greater to be able to repay your kindness other than blessing prayers for you.

Agus Budi and family.

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