Privacy Policy of Using Semhut Mobile Application

abharto, 2021-03-04 11:20:09

Semhut is a community-based social application, not intended for any purpose other than merely wanting to facilitate the community to interact with fellow members. As a user, you are required to accept the following policies:

  1. You can write on the Status page without moderation, so that the author is fully responsible for the writing that is written. If after being read by the Semhut Admin, the admin can at any time delete the status posts that you created without notice.
  2. The posts on the Status and News pages should be classified as public, so you must be careful in writing because your posts will be read by all registered users, including outside groups you do not know. The purpose of making publications on the status and news pages is solely to expand your communication network by using the Semhut application.
  3. The Home Map page can only be seen by group members you know, the purpose of this page is so that it can be used to make it easier to visit each other when you intend to make silaturrahmi. Without this page, maybe you were a little lazy to find addresses before, but this page can encourage your visit.
  4. The Tracking Page will only be active when you open the page, and will automatically turn off again when the page is closed. The Tracking page can only be seen by your group members only when you open the Tracking page. Make sure you only go to this page when you need it.
  5. The Augmented Reality page is solely created for entertainment purposes for users to feel the presence of AR technology in your home using the Semhut Application. This page requires your Smartphone Camera permission, and will not automatically record anything from your camera. To share, simply you can do screen-recording on your smartphone.
  6. This policy is progressively made to protect all parties, and we will make changes without prior notice.


Agus Budi Harto